The First Synthetic AI Data Layer

MIZU aims to solve the data scarcity problem by building the largest and most comprehensive high quality synthetic datasets with proper incentive.

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Web3 + Synthetic Data is the Future
Real-world data poses significant costs, complexities, and privacy risks. In contrast, synthetic data offers a flexible, manageable, and privacy-safe alternative. Gartner predicted that synthetic Data will overshadow real-world data for AI models before 2030.
The MZU Data Network
We build the decentralized data infra to support better synthetic data ecosystem, which enable users to deploy and execute flexible LLM-driven data pipelines.
Data ETL
Data Aggregation
Data Tracking
The Web3 Synthetic Data Flywheel
We empower a more open decentralized synthetic data ecosystem with proper incentive.
Introducing MIZU Data DAO
Coach AI to Earn
MIZU has built the chat app where users can get tokens by chatting with AI bots to accomplish specific tasks while the high-quality chat history will be collected.
Sustainable Incentive
Combing with model-offering protocol such as Sentient, data contributors will receive a share of the profits from models trained on their data, enabling new use cases such as Initial Data Offering.